How to Make $1 Million Investing in Mobile Home Parks

investing in mobile home parks with  Andrew Keel
Investing in Mobile Home Parks with Andrew Keel

In the realm of commercial real estate investments, investing in mobile home parks has emerged as a potentially lucrative avenue for those seeking substantial returns. While the idea of earning a million dollars from such an investment might seem ambitious, it’s entirely feasible with the right due diligence, strategy and execution. Here, we’ll dive into a comprehensive approach to achieving this financial milestone through three key steps. 

Start by Buying it Right:

The foundation of success in any mobile home park investment typically lies in acquiring the property at the right price and under the right circumstances. One effective approach is to target fixer-upper parks with substantial room for improvement. Look for off-market properties owned by mom and pop investors, particularly those situated in growing population areas. These mobile home parks often come with a multitude of vacant lots and may be in a state of disrepair, presenting an ideal opportunity for value enhancement

Add Value Through Infilling and Renovation:

Once the trailer park is acquired, the next step is to implement a comprehensive revitalization plan. This generally entails infilling vacant lots with new mobile homes, renovating existing units, and upgrading the mobile home park’s utility infrastructure and amenities. From repaving roads to installing off-street parking and enhancing landscaping, these improvements are essential for potentially elevating the trailer park’s appeal and value. By transforming the property into a well-maintained community with modern amenities, you will likely attract more high-quality tenants and also increase the property’s marketability and potential for appreciation. 

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Strategic Marketing and Sale:

With the revitalization complete, the final phase involves listing the asset for sale with a reputable brokerage firm specializing in mobile home parks. Collaborating with firms like Sunstone, Berkadia, OtherStreet, or Yale Advisors can help maximize exposure and attract qualified buyers. Highlighting the mobile home park’s transformation and its potential for continued growth and profitability is crucial during the marketing process. By leveraging the expertise and networks of these well-known brokerage firms, you can likely optimize the sales process and potentially achieve a favorable return on investment. 


Investing in mobile home parks typically offers a viable path to generating substantial wealth, with the potential to earn $1 million or more through strategic planning and execution. However, it’s essential to approach such investments with caution and proper due diligence. It is highly advised that you conduct thorough due diligence on the property before purchase, including assessing utility infrastructure and market demographics in order to help mitigate risks and maximize potential returns. Additionally, fluctuations in interest rates can significantly impact investment outcomes, underscoring the importance of timing and market conditions. 

While the process of revitalizing a mobile home park requires significant effort and capital expenditure, the potential rewards are substantial. For investors lacking the requisite knowledge or experience, partnering with seasoned mobile home park operators can offer a viable alternative. By sharing in the revitalization of affordable housing, passive investors can potentially achieve financial success and also contribute positively to these low income communities. Ultimately, with the right approach and resources, I think making $1 million investing in mobile home parks is an achievable goal worth pursuing.

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