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Mobile home parks are a passion of ours. We love this niche for many reasons, all of which we would love to discuss with you. Set up a free consultation today to discover how we can work together to acquire these commercial real estate money makers.




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Our experienced team is dedicated to providing investors with expert guidance and assistance. We strive to meet our investors’ investment needs and to help answer their questions in the best way that we can. If you would like more information, please reach out to the Keel Team today. We’re here to help!

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Mobile Home Park Investing Without the 3 T’s: Tenants, Toilets, & Trash

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Due Diligence Checklist Items

Our due diligence checklist has expanded from 50 to over 350 items, reflecting the valuable insights gained from previous deals.

Protecting Investors

Our meticulous approach to due diligence aims to protect both ourselves and our investors by identifying potential risks and pitfalls upfront. There is no guarantee of a successful investment, however we try to identify items that could cause headaches for our property management team and poor returns for investors.


From the initial acquisition process to the ongoing management and improvement of the property, Andrew Keel and his team are present every step of the way. They believe that being on-site allows them to truly understand the unique characteristics and potential of each mobile home park they invest in.

When considering a new investment, Andrew Keel and his team conduct thorough due diligence, visiting the park personally to assess its condition, location, and potential for growth. By being physically present, they gain invaluable insights into the community dynamics, infrastructure, and overall market conditions that can greatly influence the success of an investment.

Once a mobile home park is acquired, Andrew Keel and his team continue their hands-on approach. They are actively involved in managing the park’s operations, overseeing maintenance, implementing upgrades, and ensuring a high standard of living for the residents. They work closely with park managers and staff, building strong relationships and fostering a sense of community within the park.

Over 40+ Assets Under Management & Counting

We operate mobile home parks and self storage facilities across the U.S.

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Ask about mobile home park investing and how it can change your life. The mobile home park asset class is one of the most affordable forms of non-subsidized housing in the U.S., with the potential to bring investors some of the highest returns in any real estate vertical.

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