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Top 50 Questions to Ask a Mobile Home Park General Partner BEFORE Investing

Mobile home park general partner: Andrew Keel

Here is a list of the top 50 questions to ask a Mobile Home Park General Partner when evaluating a mobile home park investment as a limited partner or passive investor. The list of questions are divided into the following sub-categories: general questions, deal level questions, legal/ insurance & tax questions and about the team questions. 


  • Have you ever lost your own money on a Mobile Home Park deal? 
  • How about other people’s money? 
  • How do you balance risk mitigation with returns to investors?
  • What’s the most difficult challenge you’ve overcome in mobile home park investing?
  • What makes you different from other mobile home park operators, syndicators, deal sponsors?
  • Can I speak with some of your past investors who have invested in mobile home park deals with you MULTIPLE times?
  • Have you been through any market cycles while owning mobile home park investments?
  • How many mobile home park deals have you gone full cycle on?
  • What has been your worst mobile home park syndication deal?
  • Have you ever called capital on a previous mobile home park deal, if so why?
  • How are your current mobile home park deals performing compared to projections?
  • What is your liquid net worth?
  • Have you ever oversubscribed a mobile home park deal?
  • How often do you provide property updates to your investors?
  • Can I see an example of how you communicate bad news?
  • What gaps do you have on your team that you need to outsource?


  • Can I see your underwriting for this mobile home park project?
  • Have you conducted stress tests on your analysis?
  • Is your “skin in the game” coming from your acquisition fee?
  • What type of financing are you securing for this mobile home park deal and why?
  • Why did you choose this market?
  • What is your plan for capital reserves for the mobile home park deal?
  • How long until I start seeing distributions and what’s the cadence? 
  • What restrictions are there on GP compensation or clawbacks if the project underperforms?
  • What happens to my ownership interest on a refinance?
  • What’s your promote structure? Fee Structure? 
  • How detailed of reporting are you willing to share on this mobile home park deal? 
  • What are your worst case scenarios in this manufactured housing community deal?
  • What does your management or acquisition fee cover?
  • If the property over-performs are the LP’s capped or do they participate in that overage? 
  • Are you sourcing capital anywhere but from retail investors? 
  • If so, what control rights do your equity partners have? 
  • What’s the yield-on-cost at stabilization? 

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By Andrew Keel
Mobile home park general partner


  • How do you stay compliant with SEC broker/dealer laws with your capital partners?  
  • What is your track record on producing K1’s each tax year at a reasonable time?
  • How do you determine the total insurable value?  
  • Full value or loss limit?
  • Do you purchase a D&O insurance policy?  E&O insurance policy?


  • What is your contingency plan if one of the general partners falls ill or passes away?
  • What’s your role on your team and who else is involved as a GP?
  • Who is the asset manager and what’s their experience?
  • Who are your most crucial team members? 
  • Is your property management in house or outsourced? 
  • If outsourced, how do you manage your Property management company?  
  • Have you worked with the Property management company on past acquisitions?
  • Who are the active operating General Partners? What is their experience?

I hope you get value out of this list of the 50 top questions to ask a mobile home park general partner before investing passively with them as a limited partner (LP). The goal with many of these questions is to ask open-ended questions that allow you to feel out the manufactured housing community syndicator or deal sponsor based on their candid responses. In my experience, mobile home park operators that have a proven track record and have admittedly made mistakes that they’ve learned from, are the type of mobile home park operators that I want to invest with. 

Mobile home park general partner

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Andrew is a passionate commercial real estate investor, husband, father and fitness fanatic. His specialty is in acquiring and operating manufactured housing communities. Visit AndrewKeel.com for more details on Andrew's story.