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How to Lose Money on a Mobile Home Park Investment

❌  Don’t complete proper due diligence prior to purchase.
❌  Overpay based on pro-forma and POH income vs. actuals.
❌  Buy in a market with a low and shrinking population.
❌  Buy in a market with low median home price and under $1k two bedroom apt rental rate.
❌  Pay retail price for the Park Owned Homes.
❌  Don’t run a test ad to test demand prior to purchase.
❌  Don’t visit the Mobile Home Park in person before closing.
❌  Don’t order a phase 1 environmental study before purchase.
❌  Don’t order an ALTA survey before purchase.
❌  Don’t get titles to the POH’s at closing.
❌  Don’t do a UCC filing to ensure there are no liens on the personal property before closing.
❌  Don’t inspect the utility infrastructure before closing (water line pressure tests/ leak audit along with sewer line jetting and camera inspections).
❌  Don’t drive the other Mobile Home Parks in the market before closing (comp parks) to evaluate the subject park’s feasible market lot rent.
❌  Don’t call zoning department before closing to confirm it’s legally approved land use is for Mobile Home Parks.
❌  Don’t call the local building department to learn about the infill process and Mobile Home rehab permit process before closing.
❌  Raise rents more than $100/month on day 1 and expect zero turnover.
❌  Pro-forma for 100% occupancy during your entire hold period.
❌  Don’t confirm occupancy and accounts receivable balances the day before closing.
❌  After closing don’t stay on top of management including: occupancy, collections, water/sewer bill back recapture and property condition violations.
❌  Come in under-capitalized and try to only use cashflow to complete your value-add CapEx work.

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🔑  We fix up old mobile home parks to preserve affordable housing and try to generate above average returns

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