What Happens if a Tornado Comes Through and Tears Up the Entire Mobile Home Park?

Tornadoes are unpredictable and can cause extensive damage, particularly to mobile home parks. While you cannot prevent these natural disasters, you can take several steps to prepare and potentially protect your investment, as well as the residents of your mobile home park.

How to Prepare Your Mobile Home Park for Tornadoes

Obtain Insurance for Your Mobile Home Park

One of the most crucial steps is securing loss of business income insurance. This type of coverage can help you manage financial liabilities even if your mobile home park suffers significant damage. By providing a financial safety net, you can ensure that you have the necessary funds to cover expenses during the recovery period. Some policies allow for cover of up to 12 months, with further extensions depending on your insurance.

Furthermore, understand your exclusions. While owners typically have insurance, many residents do not. Encourage residents to carry renters or homeowners insurance by providing them with information on affordable options.

Maintain Communication with Local Authorities

Effective communication with local authorities can prove to be essential. Establishing a strong relationship with local emergency services and government agencies can help provide timely support and resources in the aftermath of a tornado. They can offer assistance with evacuation procedures, temporary shelters, and other critical support services that help residents recover more quickly.

Be prepared with a list of local resources such as churches, the Red Cross, and food pantries. Keep this list in your community office so your Community Manager can assist residents in need.

Provide On-Site Assistance

In the event of a tornado, being present and hands-on is vital. As a mobile home park owner, your presence can make a significant difference. Assist residents who may not be able to advocate for themselves and ensure they receive the necessary support. This proactive approach can help maintain order and provide reassurance during a chaotic time.

Collaborate with FEMA

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) can be a valuable resource after a tornado. Work closely with FEMA to secure temporary housing solutions for uninsured residents. FEMA can provide mobile homes and vouchers, offering immediate relief and a sense of stability to those affected by the disaster.

Request Loan Forbearance for Your Mobile Home Park

Financial flexibility is a crucial factor during recovery. Contact your banker and request a loan forbearance. This temporary relief can potentially allow you to focus on rebuilding and restoring the mobile home park without the immediate pressure of loan repayments. A forbearance can also typically provide breathing room to manage other urgent needs.

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By Andrew Keel
How to Prepare Your Mobile Home Park for Tornadoes

Ensure Safety and Cleanliness

Post-tornado safety and cleanliness are paramount. Remove debris and secure the area to prevent further damage and ensure a quicker return to normalcy. Addressing safety hazards promptly can also prevent injuries and additional losses I n-house traveling rehab and maintenance crews are essential. Teams that enjoy their work and have strong relationships are usually willing to travel and assist residents.

In order to stay prepared, regularly maintain trees in your community can help. Removing dead trees and limbs can potentially prevent costly claims and can be worth the investment.

Develop a Comprehensive Emergency Plan

Preparation is key to mitigating the impact of a tornado. Develop a detailed emergency plan that includes evacuation routes, designated shelters, and communication protocols. Ensure all residents are aware of this plan and conduct regular drills to keep everyone prepared.

Install Severe Weather Alerts in Your Mobile Home Park

Consider investing in a reliable severe weather alert system for your mobile home park. These systems can provide early warnings of incoming tornadoes, giving residents crucial time to seek shelter and take necessary precautions. Early alerts can possibly save lives and reduce injuries.

Strengthen Structures

Where possible, invest in strengthening the structures within your mobile home park. Anchoring mobile homes securely to their foundations and reinforcing common areas can help reduce the extent of damage during a tornado. Stronger structures typically provide better protection for residents and can help in quicker recovery.

Provide Regular Updates to Residents in Your Mobile Home Park

Keep residents informed before, during, and after a tornado. Regular updates can provide important information about safety measures, available resources, and recovery efforts. Clear and consistent communication helps residents feel supported and reassured during difficult times.


While you cannot control when or where a tornado will strike, you can take proactive steps to help prepare your mobile home park investment. By following the abovementioned steps you can potentially mitigate the impact of a tornado. These actions aim to protect your investment and provide crucial support to your residents in the event of a disaster.

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