Mobile Home Park Investing: Efficient Operations

Introduction to Mobile Home Park Investing

Mobile Home Park investing is becoming an increasingly popular segment in the real estate market, typically offering unique advantages over traditional residential investments. It involves acquiring and managing a community where residents usually own their homes but rent the land. This investment strategy can likely yield high returns, but success often hinges on efficient operations and effective management.

Mobile Home Park Investing: Efficient Operations

Setting Up Your Out-of-State Buying Team

When investing in mobile home parks, especially out of state, it may prove critical to assemble a knowledgeable and experienced team to help guide you through difficult situations and potentially help you scale your business to an efficient, profitable enterprise. This team should include


Experts in real estate and mobile home park laws help ensure compliance with state regulations and assist in legal matters.


A professional skilled in real estate accounting to manage financial records and advise on tax strategies.


Industry veterans who can offer insights into market trends and operational best practices.


Specialists in locating and evaluating potential mobile home park investments.

Lenders for Mobile Home Parks and Homes: 

Lenders experienced in financing both the purchase of mobile home parks and individual homes within them.

On-Site Manager: 

Perhaps the most critical role, as they oversee daily operations, resolve tenant issues, deliver notices, etc. They are basically the eyes and ears on the ground and their performance can often make or break the mobile home park’s success.


Suppliers of mobile homes, which could help for infilling vacant lots and increasing occupancy. 


Including plumbers, electricians, and contractors essential for ongoing maintenance and repairs or upgrades needed.

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By Andrew Keel
Mobile Home Park Investing: Efficient Operations

5 Gauges on Your Mobile Home Park Investing Dashboard

Effective property management is typically the cornerstone of a successful mobile home park. A few key performance indicators include:

1. Rent Collections: 

Efficient rent collection ensures potentially steady cash flow. Implementing an online payment system can likely streamline the process, reduce late payments, and make it easier for tenants to comply.

2. Evictions: 

Monitoring eviction rates helps identify issues like tenant non-compliance or economic trends affecting the community. Understanding these trends can allow for proactive measures to potentially reduce evictions and maintain a stable tenant base.

3. Occupancy: 

A high occupancy rate is one of the primary indicators of a well-managed mobile home park. It suggests tenant satisfaction and market demand. Strategies to improve occupancy may include marketing efforts, addressing deferred maintenance and community improvements, or competitive pricing to name a few.

4. Property Condition: 

Regular inspections and prompt maintenance can help keep the mobile home park in top shape, potentially attracting and retaining tenants. It includes addressing infrastructure, landscaping, and communal facilities maintained to a top standard.

5. Budget/Actual Difference: 

Comparing actual financial performance against the budget highlights areas of over or under-spending, which can help with guiding adjustments in operations or financial planning.

11 Steps to Near Perfect Property Condition

Maintaining a near-perfect property condition is often pivotal for tenant satisfaction and property value. Here are 11 steps to help achieve this:


First impressions matter. Well-maintained signage and fencing set the tone for the mobile home park, which can contribute towards potentially enhancing aesthetics and security.


Regular tree maintenance prevents hazards and contributes to the mobile home park’s beauty. It involves trimming, health checks, and removal of dangerous limbs or dead trees.


Consistent lawn care, including mowing, edging, and weed control, maintains an inviting and orderly appearance.


A clean community is a happy community. Regular debris removal, including litter pick-up and leaf blowing can really go a long way with improving the overall property condition.

Near- Perfect Common Areas

These areas should be well-kept and functional, providing a pleasant space for community gatherings and activities.

Roads Resurfaced

Smooth, well-maintained roads can aid in enhancing accessibility, safety, and the overall appeal of the mobile home park. It is also usually a requirement for agency financing if you are looking to go with the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac route. 

At Keel Team, we have refined our strategy by buying, renovating and refinancing with agency debt. We have found from experience that Fannie Mae/ Freddie Mac typically have the best-in-class financing terms.


Enforcing rules on vehicle condition and parking limits helps prevent clutter and maintains an orderly environment. Removing old rusted cars can also go a long way.

Resident Fences

Guidelines for fence types, heights, and maintenance help ensure uniformity and enhance the mobile home park’s overall aesthetic. Chain linked/picket fences, straight top bar and free from rust throughout the mobile home park can add a massive difference to the overall aesthetic. 


Requiring skirting, uniformly painted, on all homes helps improve the appearance of individual homes and the mobile home park as a whole.

Home Condition

Regularly assess the condition of the homes to aid in ensuring compliance with the mobile home park standards. Address deferred maintenance issues promptly, grade park owned homes and renovate/demolish those that are applicable. A fresh coat of paint on the homes and roofs as well, can really go miles in improving the overall appearance of your mobile home park.

Window Treatment

Providing guidelines for window treatments can create a cohesive look throughout the mobile home park, also contributing towards the aesthetic improvement of the mobile home park as a whole.

Mobile Home Park Investing: Efficient Operations

Concluding Thoughts on Efficient Operations in Mobile Home Park Investing

Efficiently operating a mobile home park typically involves a blend of strategic planning, diligent management, and consistent upkeep. By assembling a capable team, focusing on critical management metrics, and maintaining the property at a high standard, investors can likely optimize their returns and contribute towards fostering a thriving community for their residents. With careful attention to these aspects, mobile home park investing can potentially be a rewarding and profitable venture.

At Keel Team Mobile Home Park Investments, our dedication goes beyond financial commitments. Our aim is not just to enhance the living standards within our mobile home parks but also to potentially secure significant financial returns for our limited partner investors. If you seek more insights into our investment strategy or have any inquiries, feel free to contact us using the information below.

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