Long-Term Hold & Refinancing in Mobile Home Park Investments

In the world of real estate investing, particularly within the mobile home park asset class, a strategy combining long-term hold with periodic refinancing can potentially enhance growth and investor returns. Teams like The Keel Team exemplify how this approach can optimize mobile home park investments and the outcomes thereof, by harnessing the likely advantages of refinancing.

Long-Term Hold & Refinancing in Mobile Home Park Investments

The Benefits of a Long-term Hold Strategy

Adopting a long-term hold in mobile home park investments aligns with traditional real estate strategies aimed at building wealth. This method is typically beneficial in the mobile home park market due to:

  • Historically Stable Cash Flows: Mobile home parks typically generate consistent rental income, supported by the ongoing demand for affordable housing.
  • Appreciation Potential: With effective management and strategic upgrades, mobile home parks can potentially appreciate in value over time, usually benefiting from both general market trends and specific property enhancements.

Understanding Periodic Refinancing

Periodic refinancing involves negotiating a new loan to replace an existing mortgage, usually to take advantage of better interest rates or to reflect an increase in the property’s value. The common advantages of this tactic typically include:

  • Reduced Debt Costs: Refinancing can lead to lower interest rates, decreasing monthly payments and reducing the total cost of debt.
  • Equity Extraction for Reinvestment: This strategy allows investors to possibly extract equity that has accumulated due to appreciation, providing capital that can be redistributed to investors or reinvested into new projects.

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Long-Term Hold & Refinancing in Mobile Home Park Investments

The ‘Infinite Return’ Investment Model

The ‘infinite return’ model is realized when investors recoup their initial outlay while continuing to earn income from the same investment. Strategic refinancing often plays a crucial role in this:

  • Recovering Initial Capital: Through appreciation and smart refinancing, it’s possible to pull out the initial investment, allowing investors to regain their capital while retaining ownership.
  • Ongoing Income Without Additional Investment: After recovering their initial investment, investors continue to receive potential returns, effectively earning from an asset without current personal capital invested.

Practical Application in Mobile Home Parks

Successfully implementing this strategy in mobile home parks often involves:

  • Timely Market Analysis: Recognizing the optimal times for refinancing, based on current market conditions and interest rates, maximizes the potential financial benefits.
  • Proactive Property Management: By maintaining and enhancing the property effectively, the value typically increases, helping to ensure favorable conditions for refinancing.


The strategy of maintaining a long-term hold while periodically refinancing in the mobile home park asset class often offers a robust route to wealth accumulation. This approach potentially facilitates financial stability which in turn also enhances the potential for achieving ‘infinite returns.’ For investors focused on the mobile home parks, this strategy possibly presents a powerful model for potential long-term success and optimizing capital efficiency.

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Tristan manages Investor Relations at Keel Team Real Estate Investment. Keel Team actively syndicates mobile home park investments, with a focus on buying value add, mom & pop owned trailer parks and making them shine again. Tristan is passionate about the mobile home park asset class; with a focus on affordable housing and sustainability.