The Power of In-House Management in Mobile Home Park Syndications

When it comes to commercial real estate investments, mobile home park syndications usually stand out as an increasingly sought-after niche. Investors drawn to this asset class are often on the lookout for stable, historically reliable yields. Yet, the success of these investments can hinge significantly on the operational model adopted by General Partners, particularly in terms of property management. In this blog post, we will discuss the potential value of investing with operators that have an in-house, vertically integrated property management company and the likely benefits thereof.

The Power of In-House Management in Mobile Home Park Syndications

The Potential Edge of Integrated Management in Mobile Home Park Syndications

A distinguishing factor for certain General Partners within the mobile home park asset class is their adoption of an integrated management model. This setup, where property oversight is conducted internally, can be a boon for both investors and residents. Here’s how an in-house management approach can make a difference:

1.) Likely Enhanced Cost Efficiency

Integrated management usually offers a key benefit: the potential for more favorable expense ratios. Operators with internal management teams typically proactively source multiple bids for maintenance work, instead of defaulting to a single quote, which is often the case with external property managers. This careful vetting process can result in significant savings, thereby having the potential to positively impact investor returns.

External managers might not share the same commitment to minimizing operational costs. In contrast, an operator with in-house management is likely positioned to keep a closer eye on expenses, potentially securing more competitive deals that can improve the investment’s overall profitability.

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By Andrew Keel
The Power of In-House Management in Mobile Home Park Syndications

2.) Focused on Sustainability and Value Preservation

Operators who employ an integrated management approach often have a better ability to implement strategies that benefit the mobile home park in the long run. Their investment in the property typically extends beyond immediate financial gains. This motivates them to undertake maintenance and enhancements that potentially contribute to the mobile home park’s ongoing appeal and functionality.

Such a strategy becomes apparent in how capital expenditure decisions are made. It emphasizes, not just cost-saving, but also investment in the property’s future. From upkeep to significant upgrades, these actions aim to attract and retain residents, possibly safeguarding the asset’s value for years to come.

A dedicated property management team , for instance, can potentially play a crucial role in retaining tenant-owned homes within the park. This way, the team usually directly addresses occupancy challenges and sustaining community stability.

3.) Historically Superior Resident Experience and Retention

At the heart of any potentially successful mobile home park are its residents. Providing top-notch customer service is usually essential for fostering satisfaction and loyalty. Operators with an in-house management model often excel in delivering prompt, effective tenant support.

Operators directly involved in tenant relations tend to deliver a more responsive and reliable service experience. Unlike external managers, who might prioritize their interests or operate with less immediacy, operators with integrated teams usually deeply invest in nurturing positive, long-lasting relationships with residents. This commitment often plays a crucial role in achieving higher retention rates, which generally translates into a consistent cash flow for investors.

A Possibly Strategic Choice for Investors Seeking Mobile Home Park Syndications

For those exploring passive investments in mobile home park syndications, giving preference to operators with an integrated property management framework could be a wise move. This approach not only has the potential to foster operational efficiencies, enhanced property care, and improved resident relations but also aligns with the goal of securing sustainable, accountable, and potentially rewarding investment outcomes.

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